How I'm Getting There!

Hi, everyone. Just a few updates on how exactly I'm getting to Chiang Mai...

I'm sitting at my gate in the Phoenix SkyHarbor airport (two hours early, oh yeah!) I've been nervous all day running errands but I'm starting to finally chill. I had to throw my favorite toothpaste away but otherwise doing great. The first plane departs at 8:30pm and lands in San Francisco. The flight from SF leaves at 12:10am and lands in Hong Kong at 6:10am. Then I have an hour and a half-ish to go through customs and get on my flight to Chiang Mai, which is scheduled to land at 9:50am. My professor, Heather, will be taking the same plane there. I'm excited to give her a hug of relief. I think my flight to Asia is over 13 hours long but I'm trying to not think too much about that! Needless to say, I have a nice neck pillow, earplugs and eyecover to block out all my senses tonight.

I've been hoping to visit this continent for 10 years now. I can hardly believe it's happening! Thank you to everyone who helped me get here. You know who you are.

I will post again once I get to my hotel in Chiang Mai. My posts will be very simple but I'd like to show you some of the things I packed, what my plans are and a few pages from my journal. Talk to you soon!